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Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubber
Wet Scrubber


Simple Construction allows Trouble Free Operation
No filter or demister
Excellent Dust Collection Efficiency
8micron particles 100% collection with Single Scrubber
1micron particles 99% collection with Double Scrubber
Prevents Explosions and Fires
Uses water so no risk of fire or explosion
Pump Unnecessary
The gas itself forces water up eliminating the need for a pump


  1. Dust laden gas blasts through the Throat Section, combines with water forcing it upwards to collide forcefully with the Scrubber walls
  2. Gas is enveloped by fine particle water in the Scrubbing Section resulting in highly effective gas-liquid mixing and excellent dust collection.
  3. The Drain Boards separate water from the cleansed gas. No water splashes enter the Exhaust Port.
  4. Separated dust particles are discharged through the Overflow while sunken dust is discharged through the Hopper Drain.
Single Scrubber
Double Scrubber
Watch the Wet Scrubber in action to understand its operation principle

Single Scrubber

Standard type (Wet Scrubber) in operation

Double Scrubber

The Scrubbing Section is in two levels for greater efficiency

Fire Prevention Test

This video shows how the Wet Scrubber prevents fires

Dust collection efficiency

Uses- Achievements

Main Uses
Wet dust collection (dryer exhaust gas)
High temperature exhaust gas dust
Flammable – Explosive dust
Poisonous gas absorption
Noxious gas absorption

Sales to date – Industries
wet scrubbers sold to various industries(May 2018) ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
・Metal processing plant ・Chemical factory
・Food factory ・Steel mill ・Perfumery factory
・Fish meal ・Pharmaceutical factory
・Fertilizer factory ・Waste disposal plant etc…
Solve your Gas-Dust separation problems with Aco equipment
Solve your Gas-Dust separation problems with Aco equipment
Packed tower scrubber
Frequent clogging, poor air volume
Washing contents is troublesome
Needs regular pump and demister maintenance
ACO Wet Scrubber
Excellent air flow, Dust collection
Simple design, Low maintenance
No pump necessary as gas propels water

Models and Specifications

Wet Scrubber (WS)
Double Scrubber (DWS)
Specifications and Materials
All ACO products are order-made. Equipment is designed to match exactly with the customer’s specific needs in terms of performance and space requirements, types of gasses being handled etc. Built from stainless steel (SUS304, 316L), choose from FRP.
Test equipment available

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